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Birman Cats Color

About The Birman Cat

The Birman beginnings are shrouded in legend and mystery. There are numerous folk tales and legends describing how the Birman obtained its unique colorings and markings that offer explanations, while the real Birman history keeps everyone guessing. What we do know is that Birman arrived in the USA in 1959 and registered with CFA in 1967; most Birmans in our country can be traced to England, France, Australia, and Germany.
The countries that nourished the Birman cat have imparted their national traits to this mysterious breed: the French, their flair for drama; the Gallic, their loving and affectionate nature; the English, their dignity and reserve; the Germans, their patience and practicality; the Australians, their adventurous spirit; and the Americans, their ingenuity. Add a touch of Far Eastern inscrutability, stir them together, and what you get is a Birman.
Like all colorpoint cats, Birman kittens are born all white and develop their color as they mature. They come in a rainbow of colors, including seal, blue, lilac, chocolate, red, cream, and tortie. All these colors can be either the traditional solid pattern or the dramatic lynx pattern. A special and unique feature of the Birman is their beautiful white paws. cat breed.

Ideally, the Birman is a medium-sized cat, strongly built cat with striking eyes, round face, and a Roman-shaped nose which all result in a pleasing expression.

The Birman fur is a single-length (no undercoat) soft, silky, and lush coat; they have a longer ruff around the neck and a fluffy tail. Their coats do not match, and they require a minimum amount of grooming.
The Birman is a hearty, healthy cat that does not reach full maturity until approximately 3 years of age. Because of its exceptionally sweet nature, the Birman is easy to handle and makes an ideal pet. The Birman is sociable, gentle, quiet, loving, and companionable. They love to be with people and are playful and desirous of attention. They are social with both people and other animals. Because the Birman is patient, even-tempered and tolerant, they make an excellent choice for families with children and/or other pets.

Birmans are relatively quiet cats; most are soft spoken and refined, with soft chirp-like voices.
Birmans are very helpful; they love helping you make beds, load the dishwasher, fold laundry, read the newspaper, and work on the computer. They are willing participants in whatever you do. You will never be alone with a Birman in your home.

The Birman is unconditional love in a fur coat and will bring pleasure and happiness to your home and family.

Birman Cat History

Birman cats are an ancient breed, thought to have originated in Burma-which is why it’s occasionally called the Sacred Cat of Burma. It’s believed they were temple cats who were companions of Kittah priests.

They first appeared in France around 1919, brought there by two Englishmen, Major Gordon Russell and August Pavie, who tried to import a male and female. Unfortunately,  the male cat died on the trip, but the pregnant female, named Sita, survived and ultimately became the mother of the Birman breed in the West.

By 1925, Birmans were recognized by the Federation of Feline Francaise. But World War ll was devastating to the breed, with only two Birman cats remaining when hostilities ended. Over time, however, the breed was reborn and by 1967 the Birman breed was recognized in America. Today, the Birman breed remains popular, deservedly so because of its beauty and sweet nature.

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Birman Breed Overview

SIZE: The Birman is a naturally medium to large cat, with both males and females averaging 10 to 12 pounds in adulthood.
COAT: Long and silky
COAT COLOR: The Birman is a pointed cat, and the CFA recognizes seal, blue, red, chocolate, cream, and tortie colors. The standard and lynx pattern points are both recognized.
EYES COLOR: Deep blue
LIFE EXPECTANCY: 13 to 15 years.

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The Birman is a social, friendly family cat who can get along with kids and other pets alike. Occasionally territorial, the Birman may be less likely to let stray neighborhood cats hang around his territory. Birman’s fun-loving personality makes him a blast to play with, and daily play can help prevent excessive weight gain. Expect the Birman cat to want to be involved in what you’re doing.