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See what people say about us and our support team. We have more but we only publish what our customers permitted. So your secret is safe with us. Birman kittens birman cat price.

Birman Kittens Birman Cat Price

Words From Our Clients Like You!

birman cats adoption

Happy 1st birthday to Moscato! Hard to believe it’s almost been one year since we emailed you to reserve this super adorable blue-poin girl. She immediately fit her tiny self into our pet family. We just love her and so does her sister Riesling (and her dog sister Sammie too).
Her favorite things to do are play inside boxes, chase her sisters, sleep in the sunshine, Lick my face at 5am each morning…. and the best…. walk around with litter stuck to her behind because she’s so fluffy. Thankfully her personality tolerates me cleaning her. She’s the sweetest. Thank you for breeding such sweet babies. I can assure you she’s very spoiled here.


purebred birman kittens for sale

Our Birman Cat, Charlie, is now 4 years old and we adore him. Beautiful, funny, affectionate, life of the party, incredibly smart. Thank you Birman kittens Home. We are contemplating another kitten and wouldn’t go anywhere else 

Warmly Megan

birman kittens for sale 2020

I knew I wanted a Kitten, but it was so hard to research so many options and breeders and then contact each one. It was disheartening. Then I found Birman kittens home and it was so easy that I could communicate with the breeder for many adorable kittens from one place.

 Cindy Lowan

Birman kittens birman cat price.

birman kittens

We were so impressed with Birman Kittens Home, knowledge and professionalism and found them a pleasure to deal with. Our little Birman boy is well adjusted, healthy, social and very cute !! We give our highest recommendations.


birman kittens for sale price

Hello Birman Kittens Home, we just want to let you know that we absolutely LOVE our Birman kittens! They are undoubtedly the best Birman cats, as well as best friends. Thank you so much for these kind little cuties.

Riley BB

There have been some conversations with your customer care team. Everything was good and informative.

Williams  Nau

cat breed. Click here to go to our home page:

We are a medium-sized registered ( CFA ) Cat Fanciers’ Association and The International Cat Association (TICA), birman cat cattery specialize in breeding top quality, best Birman cats and birman kittens. We specialize in breeding pure breed Birman cats and birman kittens for sale.


26370 Barrett Rd NE Kingston, WA, USA.

We breed all our Birman cats at our cattery. We do not recuse, We breed all our Birman kittens from our cattery.


The Birman is a social, friendly family cat who can get along with kids and other pets alike. Occasionally territorial, the Birman may be less likely to let stray neighborhood cats hang around his territory. Birman’s fun-loving personality makes him a blast to play with, and daily play can help prevent excessive weight gain. Expect the Birman cat to want to be involved in what you’re doing.