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We are a medium-sized registered ( CFA ) Cat Fanciers’ Association and The International Cat Association (TICA), birman cat cattery specialize in breeding top quality, best Birman cats and birman kittens. We specialize in breeding pure breed Birman cats and birman kittens for sale.


26370 Barrett Rd NE Kingston, WA, USA.

We breed all our Birman cats at our cattery. We do not recuse, We breed all our Birman kittens from our cattery.


The Birman is a social, friendly family cat who can get along with kids and other pets alike. Occasionally territorial, the Birman may be less likely to let stray neighborhood cats hang around his territory. Birman’s fun-loving personality makes him a blast to play with, and daily play can help prevent excessive weight gain. Expect the Birman cat to want to be involved in what you’re doing.